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Nikoloz Shurgaia 

Chairman of the Board 


Nikoloz Shurgaia is a professional banker with 20 years of experience in banking. State University of Tbilisi and an MBA London Business School graduate began his career in 1994 at “Eximbank of Georgia” and “United Georgian Bank”. 

In 2004-2005 he continued his career in Moscow, at the Department of ABN AMRO Bank. Later, he moved to London and was appointed to the position of leading banker in EBRD office. In autumn 2008, Nikoloz Shurgaia was appointed to the CEO position of VTB Bank (Georgia) and during the 2009 – 2011, he was the Chairman of Supervisory Board of Belarusky Narodny Bank. In 2012  Nikoloz Shurgaia arrived in Azerbaijan and hold a position of Chairman of Supervisory Board of Rabitabank. Since July 22, he has been appointed the Chairman of Supervisory Board of Nikoil Bank.  Currently, Nikoloz Shurgaia is a Member of Supervisory Boards of banks in Belarus and Georgia, as well as Georgian Stock Exchange. It should be noted that Mr. Shurgaia is engaged with consultancy projects, in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Nikoloz Shurgaia is engaged with joga, fitness, swimming and mountain skis. He is interested in modern art, and whenever possible visits museums and exhibitions.


Hajinski Farhad Ismailbey

First Deputy Chairman of the Board  


 Farhad Hajinski Ismailbey oglu

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Farhad Hajinski was born in 1976 in Baku. In 1993 after leaving school he got admission to Azerbaijan Medical University. While studying at the university he took a great interest in Financial Management and participated at the annual international projects with the framework of the program increasing capacity Chamber of Auditors of Azerbaijan Republic. He successfully completed the European Academy project in Germany and took 2nd place among the 500 professional accountants, financiers and other participants in the project.

From 1999 he began his professional career at non bank credit organization “FINCA AZERBAIJAN”  as a credit expert. He started rapidly to develop his career and later on he was appointed Head of Credit department at Promtexbank JSC JSB and head of corporate customers department at Unibank. In 2002 Farhad Hajinski accepted the offer of the German Savings Banks Foundation (SBFIC) and worked as a Bank consultant in various projects at Azerbaijani Foundation. One of his most successful projects was the German-Azerbaijan Foundation project.

It should be noted that Farhad Hajinski held leading positions as a head of Credit department at Bank Respublika, member of Supervisory Board at KredAqro, Investment director at Caspian International Investment Company (CIIC), and Deputy Chairman of the Board at Rabitabank CJSC. He is co-founder of Professional Solutions and H&N Partners consulting companies. 

On 22 July, 2016 he was appointed the First Deputy Chairman of the Board at NIKOIL Bank.

He got his MBA degree from Manchester University and he has 2 degrees of CIMA certificate.

He leads active mode of life. He is married and has 2 children.


Tagiyev Fuad Rauf 

Deputy Chairman of the Board


Fuad Tagiyev was born in 1982 in Baku. After graduating from high school in 1999 he got admission to Khazar University faculty of "Finance and Credit" of Khazar University and in 2003 graduated the university with honors diploma. In 2004, he started his professional activity in NIKOIL I Bank as a finance specialist, besides study in university. Then in 2006 started to rapidly
develop his career life and later on he was appointed a Head of Risk Management department. In 2009 Fuad Taghiyev accepted the offer of NIKOIL I Bank and worked as a Director of Finance department and as a member of the Board in NIKOIL I Bank.
From 29 April 2011 he is working as a Deputy Chairman of the Board of NIKOIL I Bank.