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Terms of use

This web-site ( is the official information web-site (the site, later on) of Nikoil ICB. (Bank, later on)
The web-address of Nikoil Bank is shown on the list of the official web-sites of credit institutions on the web-site of Azeri banks. All the information and data is for informational purposes, not for the public, as long as the materials don't state the opposite. All the information is available on the Site as it's. 

The materials of the site are presented by the Bank without any guarantee, explicit or implicit. The Bank tries to present the most exact and actual information on the site, although, isn't responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data, situated in the materials of the Site. Current terms are distributed to all visitors and users of the Site. A user by visiting or using the materials of the site confirms his (her) agreement on the current terms without withdrawals and restrictions.

Nikoil Bank has a right to change any data on services, any information put on the Site and also current Conditions. The User is responsible for the risk of the negative results coming from the recommendations, opinions and утверждений. Nikoil Bank doesn't guarantee and doesn't confirm whether recommendations, opinions and утверждений held on the site are true and reliable or not. Nikoil Bank isn't responsible for any loss (direct or indirect) occurred by using information shown on the site, loss occurred by using or not having a chance of using the services, even though Nikoil Bank‘s been told about the chances of such losses.

Nikoil Bank allows to copy documents, files, materials published on the Site (Materials, later on), but only for the personal purposes without distributing to the third party and using for the commercial purposes. 

Due to this, coping any materials of the Site you agree on following author rights of using the materials and saving the notes of the original, including the date of publication, if it's shown on the Site, also showing the date of coping the material.

Except the cases mentioned above, all other actions will be counted as breaking author rights of Nikoil Bank or other right authors and illegal use of trade marks.
You don't have a right to use the logo, trade mark and/or commercial name of Nikoil Bank without any contract or agreement with Nikoil Bank, looking for the reliability of the information and able to harm Nikoil Bank.

Trade marks and marks of services situated on the Site are registered trade marks and marks of services of Nikoil Bank and other right authors. 
Nikoil Bank, its affiliation persons of the Bank or its affiliation companies and isn't responsible for any mistakes, non-exactness, loss of the time, technical and communication problems, computer viruses, losing or changing the data, occurred defects in the program while using the Site for no reason. 

Links of the products and services of the third party are done for informational purposes and don't think that Nikoil Bank agree with them, control or recommend. Passing on any other informational resources, links situated on the Site, takes place according to user's wish. Nikoil Bank provides links to other resources for user's comfort, which doesn't mean that Nikoil Bank confirms data of current resources or is responsible for the data of such Sites, for accuracy of information, data, opinions, recommendations or declaration, made on these resources.