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Устойчивое развитие

Building trust-based relationships, creating value over time, being sustainably developed, meeting the needs of our customers, make reliability on our core business.
Sustainability is part of our business. It is our commitment. Our company is based on sustainable banking development through being economically, environmentally, and socially responsible in our decisions and our long-term achievement.

Our method of approach as a sustainable bank
Every single behaves in a way that to keep our company`s sustainability, from the way we do business with our customers and manage our people to the way we support the development of our communities.

Commercial banking activities, by investing in improvements to our business model and our banking skills, so we can work more closely with customers and differentiate our services.  

Corporate citizenship, by fostering financial inclusion, encouraging our customers to be better-informed and empowering citizens to participate more fully in the economic system; and by conserving natural resources to protect the environment.

Sustainability Governance. We have prioritized the improvement of our governance mechanisms and reporting activities. Our overriding goal is fully integrate sustainability into our daily activities.

Culture of Sustainability

Our group working on the strong corporate culture by raising awareness of sustainability issues by engaging all of our stakeholders, particularly our employees. Sustainable practices are an investment in our enterprise, where our employees are our most important asset. Our approach seeks to encourage our staff, external collaborators and commercial partners to espouse principles of transparency and conscientious management in compliance with current legislation and in line with our Integrity Charter.

Risk Management Culture
Risks assumption is a relevant part of banking business and characterizes most of banks' operations. Effective risk management requires, at all organization levels, a base level of technical risk knowledge to create a mindset that understands correctly and anticipates changes in the macro environment.  Indeed, an inclusive approach to risk management requires an effective understanding and management of reputational risk. Given the direct connection between our operations and reputation, we manage reputational and operational risks simultaneously. Nikoil Bank`s Operational Risk department is responsible for measuring and monitoring risk.

Our People

Today's challenging business environment and increased complexity require us to take a proactive approach and run a dynamic, people-driven organization. So we develop and compensate our people with an eye to achieving sustainable performance. To this end, we work to simplify and consolidate our performance management processes as well as to develop consistent standards for all our colleagues. We also invest in our learning and development programs, as part of our commitment to improve the professional skills of our colleagues and the quality and accountability of our leaders. We believe that diversity at all levels of our organization is essential to generating value for our employees, customers, communities and shareholders. Our diversified workforce enables us to better understand different cultures, business opportunities and client needs. That is why we continue to invest in building a culture of inclusion. In particular, we strive to promote gender balance at all levels of our organization, to value age and facilitate collaboration across generations.

Promoting Talent and Leadership Development
We are committed to fostering the professional growth of our employees, developing their full potential and retaining key talent.

Investing in professional Training
We tailor our learning programs to specific job profiles and business segments. We work on building our employees' skills to enable them to respond effectively to customer needs and have a positive impact on the customer experience. Our technical programs are designed to expand our employees' product knowledge, develop core banking skills, and hone their sales and relationship management expertise.

Our customers
We engage with our customers on a continuous basis in order to understand better their everyday realities and the challenges they have to face as individuals, families or companies. This helps us build, develop and improve our range of products and services and increase our knowledge of their experience with us so that we can respond swiftly to their material needs of proximity, dynamism, simplicity and transparency, and service quality.