A shareholder owing a simple share of the Company shall have the following rights as specified by the legislation:

106-1.3.1. to participate in the management of the Company as specified by this Code, other legislation and the Charter of the Company as well as to elect and be elected to its management and executive authorities;

106-1.3.2. in the order determined by the legislation, to receive information about the activity of the Company, once every year become familiar with its annual report and balance sheet;

106-1.3.3. to request calling of a General Meeting of the Company shareholders;

106-1.3.4. to request making changes to the agenda of the General Meeting of the shareholders;

106-1.3.5. to participate at the General Meeting of the shareholders with voting right (Excluding cases as provided in Articles 49-1.2 and 49-1.3 of this Code) and request copy of the minutes of meeting;

106-1.3.6. to request auditing of the activity of the Company by the auditing committee or the auditor;

106-1.3.7. to receive dividend from the net profit of the Company;

106-1.3.8. in case of liquidation of the Company, after satisfying the requirements of the creditors, payment of calculated but not yet paid dividends as well as liquidation value of the privileged shares, to receive certain part of the remaining property of the Company;

106-1.3.8-1. to require the members of the executive body and the board of directors (supervisory board) to be held responsible for their negligence and intentional damage to the joint stock company;

106-1.3.8-2. to participate in the sale of the Company's shares;

106-1.3.8-3. to apply to the court or other authorized body to pay damages and expenses related to the Company or its shareholders as a result of the signed contract;

106-1.3.8-4. to get acquainted with supplements to the signed contracts (contracts with related parties and special contracts).

106-1.3.9. to possess other rights provided for by this Code and the Charter of the Company.


The Registration of Securities Holders

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