Contribute to the success of communities through building digital ecosystems

Customer expectations, global trend of digitization and increasing competition by internet giants such as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook put pressure on the banking industry to transform. Our choice is to follow and ride the digitization trend in Azerbaijan and put the bank in a leading position in digital and conventional banking services. Creation of digital ecosystems, starting from financial services and gradually evolving around the customer, that provide sales and consumption platform for business and individuals is projected as the winning strategy in competition with the larger vertically integrated holdings... Therefore, our mission evolves beyond banking services, extends out into a banking ecosystem and beyond, into a digital services ecosystem.


Core segments

  • Mass retail and daily banking (support aspirations of consumers for better lifestyle, within responsible lending boundaries and preferably at higher than average in the market net total margin per customer)

  • Payments business

  • micro enterprises and SMEs (diversified private businesses with integrity, business capability and entrepreneurial zeal) and a crossover sub-segment of MSME and mass retail segments

    • Owners and employees of business clients (synergistic with business banking, lower risk profile and higher total margin products compared to mass retail)

Non-core target segments

  • Selected large companies for operational services (business services to customers where the bank shareholders and/or top managers have special relations and the clients make significant positive contribution to the net result compared to the all-inclusive cost of providing services)


Inspired team

  • People are the key driver of our business; a professional, determined and agile staff united around the management team is the first pillar of our strategy implementation.

Innovative technology

  • Innovative technologies, carefully selected, adopted to the business needs and developed to the point of excellence is the second pillar.

Best in class customer experience

  • Customer satisfaction feeds the income and future self-propelling growth; creation of the best in class customer experience which ensures critical mass of demand for the bank’s products and subsequently the digital ecosystem is the third pillar.

Sales/Delivery Channels for banking products:

  • Few hubs (multi-product branches in Baku and largest cities)

  • Simple small/mini branches

  • Diversified digital channels (gradually to take the central stage)

  • Partner company networks


Superior customer experience

  • instant or very fast, best in class, availability

  • simple for comprehension and transparent

  • seamless solutions provided via multiple interconnected channels

  • reliable quality

  • attractive branding

Products with individual net margin and/or combined overall pricing enabling alpha returns:

Core products:

  • Business lending w/o collateral (up to 50-200 K AZN)

  • SME lending with collateral (up to 1 mln. AZN)

  • Business services (standard products)

  • Universal card

  • Daily banking for individuals

  • Cash lending

  • POS loans

  • Mortgages

  • Car Loans



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